Water-Cooling Active Harmonic Filter was applicated in harsh power distribution room

In the chemical plant, toner production plant, fertilizer production plant, lime powder production factory, and other industries, because it is a powder production workshop, the air is filled with all kinds of dust. Especially in the production workshop of conductive raw materials such as toner, the conductive dust filled the distribution room and accumulates on the circuit board of the AHF module. Even if the circuit board is coated with three prevention protection, but the long-term accumulation of conductive dust will also have an impact on AHF module, In more serious cases, the circuit board will be short, leading to module damaged.

In order to solve the impact of conductive dust on the module, CoEpower R & D team, according to the industry problems, developed a fully sealed water-cooled active filter solution.

Water-Cooling AHF(active harmonic filter) is the better solution to the dusty environment.

Application Conditions of fully sealed and water-cooled modules:

1. The power distribution room has a water-cooling system

2. The site environment is complex, and there are a large number of conductive dust in the air

3. Low-noise running environment

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