How to solve the transformer no-load power factor problem?


This scheme is mainly for the compensation of the system’s reactive power  when the  transformer  no-load or light-load  in order to solve the problem of no-load compensation when the transformer is high-supply and high-measure, so as to improve the power factor of the enterprise’s electricity consumption, reduce the reactive power fine, and save the production cost of the enterprise.

1、profile of the case

The site is a factory building in a certain bonded zone. Due to the installation of multiple photovoltaic panels, there are issues such as low power factor and penalty. Considering the actual situation of the original power supply and distribution system on site, and the existence of a distributed photovoltaic power generation system, our company has decided to upgrade and renovate the existing capacitor compensation cabinet, and add new functional electricity meters at each measuring point, A scheme for sampling the total reactive power of this measurement point and conducting overall compensation. Retain the original capacitor compensation cabinet body, remove the original reactive power compensation capacitors inside the compensation cabinet, and replace them with our static var generator(SVG).

2、Distribution system diagram

3、Application site

4、Governance effect analysis

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