How to solve the problem of reactive power compensation of melting machine?

1 Project Overview
1.1Design description
The melting machine production line is powered by a 6300KVA, 10/0.6KV transformer, and the main load is the melting machine used for production. In order to effectively control the power quality problems such as harmonics and power factor generated during the operation of the melting machine, three F-SVG series static reactive power compensation devices were installed. The product information is as follows.

Installation location:Melting machine transformer outlet point
F-SVG series static reactive power compensation device model:F-ASVG-1200-0.69
Number of cabinets:3 units
Installation method:Standard cabinet
Cabinet size (WDH):1000mm*1000mm*2200mm

1.2 On-site installation diagram

2.Data comparison

3 Conclusion

(1) After the compensation equipment is put into operation, the system power factor increases from the original 0.66 to 0.96, and the apparent power drops from 3694KVA to about 1643KVA.

(2) After treatment, the 3rd harmonic current content dropped to 3.3%, the 5th harmonic current content dropped to 4.0%, the 7th harmonic current content dropped to 2.9%, and the 11th harmonic current content dropped to 3.2%, which meets the requirements Technical agreement related index requirements.

(3) Since the compensation device is precision power electronic equipment and the on-site operating environment is relatively harsh, it is necessary to pay close attention to the ambient temperature and on-site dust conditions. It is recommended to add cooling measures to strictly ensure that the operating environment temperature does not exceed 40°C; add measures to prevent dust from entering. , and clean the equipment dust regularly to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

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