Static Var Generator Rack-Mounted

Rated Volt:110V-690V
Warranty:18 months
Installation: Cabinet rack-mounted

1. Product Overview

CoEpower advanced power factor improvement Series Static Var Generator (SVG) is a new breakthrough of innovation, The NPC 3-level topology design DSP+FPGA high-speed operational capability offers a high working performance, this Static Var Generator (SVG) is a stepless dynamic reactive compensation device has a wide compensation range from the -1 to +1 lagging and leading reactive, and offers constant correction current to plant power factor. Transient-free, virtually instantaneous response ensures high system stability.

CoEpower special design SVG offers a Target PF working mode, it regulates the PF power factor to the setting value in the HMI in real-time subject to users’ settings, It detects the load current through an external current transformer CT, and then it analyzes the load required reactive power current value by DSP control program in real-time, then generates PWM signal to IGBT inverter to output an opposite direction but same value current to offset the reactive current to meet the target power factor.


2. Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 110-690V
Rated Capacity 5kvar-120kvar
Frequency 50/60Hz
Wiring Mode 3P3W/3P4W
Filtering Range 3-13th Order Harmonic
Function Harmonic Mitigation, Reactive Compensation, Imbalance Phase Balancing
Full Response Time <10ms
Switching Frequency 20Khz
Power Loss <2.5%
Standard IEC61000/62477
Communication MODBUS Protocol/Optional Ethernet


3. Main Features

● SVG is designed by the component concept and can make compensation for both capacitive and inductive loads, thus obtaining a compensation effect with the level of PF 0.99 and avoiding over-compensation and under-compensation

● The complete response time of SVG is less than 10 ms and the dynamic response time is less than 50 μs, making SVG a top pick for a fast-changing environment.

● The capacitor that comes with the SVG does not require the installation of a filter bank; therefore resonant amplification will not happen. In addition, as an active compensation device and a current source device adopting such cut-off components as IGBT, SVG wards off resistance from the perspective of mechanism, significantly improving completeness.

● SVG can continuously adjust reactive power dynamically and bi-directionally (-1 to +1); that is to say, SVG can output reactive power constantly in both rated capacitive and rated inductive working conditions and it can make constant compensation in a wide range if combined with a fixed capacitor.

● SVG does not need a large-capacity capacitor or reactor to serve as energy storage elements, and the area it occupies is just half of that occupied by other types of dynamic compensation assemblies with the same capacity, or even a smaller area. Moreover, SVG adopts modular design and cabinet-type installation, which demands only a few efforts in engineering design and installation.

● SVG is designed with an active compensation circuit; therefore, the voltage of the grid has little influence on the compensation capacity. The output of reactive current matches the working condition even when the voltage of the power grid is low.

● SVG has low power loss and needs little maintenance, so chances of resonance overvoltage are pretty low. The service life lasts for over ten years (with an MTBF longer than 100,000 hours).

● High efficiency >97%


4. Installation cases

Wall Mounted SVG Floor Stand Indoor Cabinet Rack Mounted SVG


5. International TUV EMC LVD test

CE Test CQC Test Type Test Report


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