Discover CoEpo’s new high-protection class AHF SVG modules for harsh installation sites

The Coepower series Active Harmonic Filter and Static Var Generator is the new advanced technology for power factor correction and Harmonic filtering. This new power quality solution has been approved by TUV CE and strictly complies with IEC61000 IEC62477 standards, It’s widely used all around the world to help users improve their power factor to 0.99 or 1, Thdi below 5% as IEEE519 required, Especially won a good reputation from Europe countries and South America countries. This New AHF SVG works by injecting current to the load to offset the reactive/harmonic current and reach a compensation effect, and the vital design to maintain the stable performance of the device is the heat dissipation, ordinary standard SVG AHF supplier will maintain this heat dissipation problem by adopting forced air cooling fans.

But in some harsh cement plants, gravel fields, metallurgy, and other places where there is large dust or conductive dust, the standard forced air cooling protection class of AHF SVG is not enough to ensure a safe power system operation, as well as to maintain a stable working status of the loads. That’s because there is much conductive dust in the air that will come into the AHF SVG along with the airflow, thus, the internal circuit boards will be contaminated and prone to oxidation, aging, and even short circuits. ,

Hence, the need for a higher protection class of the reactive power compensation system is impending, CoEpower engineers teams have come up with two solutions, one is a water cooling system AHF SVG, and The other one is to design a higher protection class device with good leakproofness

If you have any need for this kind of SVG AHF, we will be glad to hear more details from your team and offer you a customized solution for your project.

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