Active Harmonic Filter

Rated Volt:110V-690V



Warranty:18 months

Installation: Cabinet rack mounted


1. Product Overview

CoEpower Active Harmonic Filter is a new technique for power quality solutions that uses IGBT inverter-based 3-level topology technology to support fast real-time harmonic mitigation. this active harmonic filter. offers a selectable priority function with reactive power compensation、Load balancing and harmonic filtering.

Active harmonic filter AHF is connected to the power system in parallel, and the power system data is collected in real-time through an external sampling Current Transformer CT. The internal DSP will react ultrafast with an intelligent FFT algorithm to calculate the required compensation current value and send a command to IGBT, The IGBT dynamically adjusts the switching frequency to optimize the performance and AHF to output a reverse ampli but the same value current to offset harmonic current, thus reducing the harmonic distortion for each order, Finally realize a total harmonic distortion ratio below 5% according to IEEE 519 standard.


2. Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 220-690V
Rated Capacity 15A-150A single module/unlimited for parallel
Frequency 50/60Hz
Wiring Mode 3P3W/3P4W
Filtering Range 3-50th Order Harmonic
Function Harmonic Mitigation, Reactive Compensation, Imbalance Phase Balancing
Full Response Time <10ms
Switching Frequency 20Khz
Power Loss <2.5%
IP Class IP20/Customized
Installation Wall mounted/Floor stand cabinet
Standard IEC61000/62477
Communication MODBUS Protocol/Optional Ethernet


3. Main features

● Power factor correction (lagging and leading).

● Load balancing in three-phase systems.

● Controlled and selectable harmonic generation

● Flexible application: Modular design, embedded in standard or customized cabinet

● Low thermal loss (≤3% of rated APF kVA), efficiency ≥ 97%

● High harmonic filtering rate: Up to 98%

● High stability: Infinite impedance to the grid, avoids harmonic resonance problems

● Factory ODM Customized design service support

● Standard factory warranty is one year from the verified date of startup or customized


4. Advanced system performance

● NPC 3-level topology design

● DSP+FPGA high-speed operational capability

● Automatic limiter without overload

● Protection:16 ways wide protection range: overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature.Etc

● Communication: MODBUS Protocol or Ethernet optional


5. Why Choose Us?

● We are a professional power quality solution research and development design manufacturer with years of experience that will support you with more competitive technical and price support.

● We have rich application experience to provide you with more professional, precise, and better service support
● High-grand components and strict product quality control procedures offer reliable product quality.

● We have years of exporting experience to decades of regions all over the world, and multi-competitive shipping choices, which can give you more reliable, fast, and cost-effective shipping.

● TUV CE approved test item based on IEC 61000 AND IEC 62477 series standards


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