Wall Mounted Active Harmonic Filter

Rated Volt:110V-690V
Warranty:18 months
Installation: Wall-mounted

1. Product Overview

CoEpower wall-mounted series Active harmonic filters(AHF for short ) is a more flexible installation with excellent compact modular design, The Maximum size for the single module is 150A, and it also can be connected in parallel as a floor stand cabinet solution. Hanging on the wall saves much space and also offers good convenience to space-limited installation sites.

CoEpower Active harmonic filter is based on IGBT-based inverter functions of dynamic harmonic compensation (varying amplitude and frequency) and reactive power compensation (leading or lagging). This AHF works by injecting in a current of the same magnitude but opposite in phase in the distorted electric power system to offset the harmonic, thus reaching a THDI of less than 5%, The advanced NPC 3-level topology design, and DSP+FFT high-speed operational capability supports a stable ultrafast working performance without overload.


2. Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 220-690V
Rated Capacity 15A-150A single module/unlimited for parallel
Frequency 50/60Hz
Wiring Mode 3P3W/3P4W
Filtering Range 3-50th Order Harmonic
Function Harmonic Mitigation, Reactive Compensation, Imbalance Phase Balancing
Full Response Time <10ms
Switching Frequency 20Khz
Power Loss <2.5%
IP Class IP20/Customized
Installation Wall mounted/Floor stand cabinet
Standard IEC61000/62477
Communication MODBUS Protocol/Optional Ethernet


3. Main Features

● Power factor correction (lagging and leading).

● Load balancing in three-phase systems.

● Controlled and selectable harmonic generation

● Flexible application: Modular design, embedded in standard or customized cabinet

● Low thermal loss (≤3% of rated APF kVA), efficiency ≥ 97%

● High harmonic filtering rate: Up to 98%

● High stability: Infinite impedance to the grid, avoids harmonic resonance problems

● Factory ODM Customized design service support

● Standard factory warranty is one year from the verified date of startup or customized


4. Advanced system performance

● NPC 3-level topology design

● DSP+FPGA high-speed operational capability

● Automatic limiter without overload

● Protection:16 ways wide protection range: overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature.Etc

● Communication: MODBUS Protocol or Ethernet optional


5. Why Choose Us?

● We are a professional power quality solution research and development design manufacturer with years of experience that will support you with more competitive technical and price support.

● We have rich application experience to provide you with more professional, precise, and better service support
● High-grand components and strict product quality control procedures offer reliable product quality.

● We have years of exporting experience to decades of regions all over the world, and multi-competitive shipping choices, which can give you more reliable, fast, and cost-effective shipping.

● TUV CE approved test item based on IEC 61000 AND IEC 62477 series standards


6. Factory Stock Fast Deliver

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