Parallel Rack Mounted AHF Module

Rated voltage:380V
Frequeny: 50/60HZ
Single phase/three phase
Warranty:Standard 1 year/negotiable


1. Product overview

The Parallel Rack mounted AHF module is configured by rack AHF power modules and control panel, the AHF modules will be controlled by a 7 inch LCD centralized controller, This centralized controller will control the rotation input and removal of the module. This switching mode of the power modules ensures the balanced output between those power modules but also ensures the stability and life extension of the equipment

The Parallel Rack mounted AHF module is the same as other AHF models, it can be thought of as a controlled current source, which provides any kind of current waveform in real-time. When connected in parallel with the nonlinear load, its harmonic currents are compensated and the network is loaded with fundamental current only. The Parallel Rack mounted AHF module control system monitors the relevant parameters of the network and is capable of detecting and instantaneously reacting to any disturbance in the load current. And Parallel Rack mounted AHF module filter capacity can be easily expanded at the user’s site by adding extra filter modules as per site requirement.

Customized APF Panel (7x150A) Regular APF Panel


2. Product parameters

Voltage Level 400V
Rated Capacity Max 150A per power module/Unlimited parallel configuration
Frequency 50/60Hz
Line Mode 3P3W/3P4W
Filtering Range Adjustable 3-50th Harmonic Order selection
Function Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Mitigation, Imbalance Correction
Full Response Time <10ms
Control algorithms FFT, instantaneous reactive power
Switching Frequency 20Khz
Power Loss <2.5%
Standard IEC61000/62477
Communication MODBUS Protocol


3. Main features

● Mitigate the harmonic current generated by the nonlinear load Or the current on the grid side

● Fast reaction, DSP+FFT high-speed operational capability, full response time <10ms

● Three-phase imbalance regulation

● High harmonic filtration rate, more than 97%

● Improve the system stability, safety, and Reliability

● Automatic resonance elimination, No worry of resonance with the system

● Output limit setting, Ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment, No overload of worries

● Reduce line and transformer loss, Improve the equipment heating problem, Extend equipment service life

● Customized HMI display according to user’s requirements


4. Applications

● Automotive

● Arc Welding

● Metal

● Cement

● Chemicals

● Pharmaceuticals

● Textiles

● Petrochemicals

● Water and wastewater treatment

● Lifts, port cranes

● Pulp and paper

● Wind farms and solar power

● Crushers and shredders.


5. Customer Benefits

– Fast return on investment

– One solution for Harmonics and Power Factor Correction

– Performance meets/exceeds utility criteria

– Redundant and flexible

– Easy to commission and operate

– Remote access is possible


6. Why Choose Us?

● We are a professional power quality management research and development design manufacturer.

● We have rich application experience to provide you with better services support.

● We have an excellent talented R&D supply chain from a top power quality research university.

● High-grand components and strict product quality control systems offer reliable product quality.

● TUV CE-approved test item based on IEC 61000 AND IEC 62477 series standards Us

● We have years of exporting experience to decades of regions all over the world, and multi-competitive shipping choices, which can give you more reliable, fast, and cost-effective shipping.

● ODM factory stock, support fast dispatch


Talents supply chain from TOP University Joint research for State grid PQS subject
Factory stock support fast dispatch Cost-effective Multi-shipping option support


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